The Science Of Natural Acne Treatment


There’s no need to hide or conceal blemishes. Here we present clinical validation of the strongest topical natural acne treatment: Bioskintreatment healing lotion. The product is meant for both on the spot acne treatment, and prevention of flare-ups if applied overall on face or back. It contains a unique immune serum for the skin and several anti-acne powerhouses.

It is available worldwide and it is backed by science and clinical evidence. And a 100% money back guarantee.

BioskinTreatmenr includes three natural anti-acne powerhouses

(Bioskintreatment is discontinued for lack of supply of an ingredient that has now been replaced in the formulation by others)

  • willow bark extract (natural salicylic acid that opens up clogged pores) and has antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • our unique Helix aspersa secretions that contain: a) glycan or sugar (complex carbohydrate) molecules that replenish hyaluronic acid, the moisturizer magnet of the skin, b) all the essential antioxidant enzymes that scavenge free radicals, and c) soluble proteins and copper peptides with regenerative properties that heal the injuries inflicted to the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts by at least five different events as we argue further below, and we postulate is the root cause of acne inflammation.
  • hyaluronic acid, the best moisturiser, as it is capable of holding in water 1,000 times its weight.

Helix aspersa is a mollusk with skin very similar to human’s but it is endowed with skin glands we do not have. The secretions, or immune serum, regenerates its skin and even fully functional eyes when injured by predators or accidents. The serum also effectively protects it from the damaging effects of solar radiation. And, from free radicals on a daily basis. Also when it emerges, into an environment full of oxygen radicals, out of its shell after resting during the hot and dry weather (aestivation, similar to hibernation).

Effects Confirmed by Independent Scientists & Clinical Evidence

Its effects on our cutis (epidermis and dermis) have been confirmed by scientists of the Dermatology Service of The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (2008 and 2012). And relevant clinical trials from several independent international institutions have provided evidence of its positive effects in healing and relieving painful acute radio dermatitis caused by radiotherapy for cancer, atopic dermatitis (eczema), partial thickness burns (second degree), photo-aging and wrinkles.

The International Atomic Energy Agency recently endorsed its efficacy for the treatment of the injurious effects of radiotherapy for cancer in view of its potential for healing wounds caused by nuclear radioactivity (May 21, 2014).

scientific-clinical-evidence regeneration of tissues snail secretions

To see all the references cited in this page and the independent sources of science and clinical trials click on: acne treatment and skin regeneration clinical trials. The clinical evidence confirms the effectiveness of products powered by the natural immune serum from Helix aspersa or Cryptomphalus aspersa snails. And our double blind clinical trials have verified that Bioskintreatment effectively treats acne, on par with prescription medications. And with no side effects.

We started formulating a natural acne treatment product when we understood the root cause of acne inflammation is injuries to the cells lining the sebum ducts (more on this further below), and how crucial for healing is both activation of fibroblasts (the stem cells in the basal layer of the epidermis and in the bulge of the hair follicles) and supplying antioxidants topically for quick regeneration of damaged tissues, including injured cells in the sebum ducts.

The scientific research on the properties of the snail secretions shed light on what is needed in a complete and balanced solution that addresses the root cause of acne, not just the symptoms. In the following paragraphs we present information on the current state of research about acne and the rationale for using snail secretions to power a natural acne treatment product.

Acne Bacteria Does Not Cause Acne

Dermatologists know that uncontrolled multiplication of P. acnes bacteria is not the cause of acne. Nevertheless the dermatology and beauty industry still purports that over the counter or prescription benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics like minocycline or tetracycline is the best acne treatment for teens and adults, men and women.

P. acnes appears to be more involved in the later stages of acne development and after the construction of a biofilm when it has multiplied in abundance inside clogged pores, and not in the initiation of acne lesions. The sometimes successful therapeutic use of antibiotics in acne can be regarded as an expression of the antibiotic’s anti-inflammatory action.

Despite emerging new knowledge false claims about the pathogenesis of acne are common not only in laymen and the industry that profits making acne treatment products but also in advanced medical students, as shown in a study in Australia by Green J. Sinclair RD “Perceptions of acne vulgaris in final year medical student written examination answers”. Australasian Journal of Dermatology 42:98-101 (2001). The assesment is applied to medical students of other faculties around the world every year and yields the same poor results.

Bacteria only starts aggravating acne inflammation when they multiply uncontrolled and produce chemical wastes that corrode and injure the cells lining the walls of the hair ducts. This happens when pores get clogged, as such bacteria multiplies only in an environment free of oxygen.

Deficiency of Linoleic Fatty Acids in the Sebaceous Glands Triggers Acne Inflammation

Inflammation starts way before acne lesions show up on the surface. This is triggered by signals from the immune cells of the skin of a deficiency of essential fatty acids (linoleic) in the sebaceous glands because of a dilution effect of high oil production.

Inflammatory Events Are Involved in Acne Lesion Initiation: Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2003) 121, 20-27. Anthony HT Jeremy, Diana B Holland, Susan G Roberts, Kathryn F Thomson and William J Cunliffe. Department of Dermatology, University of Leeds, and Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK.

In vitro experiments with sebaceous gland-like cells of the rat and human sebocytes have shown that sebaceous lipid synthesis is increased in the presence of androgens and certain fatty acids. Adrenal gland hormones responding to stress or hormonal imbalances in puberty, during the menstrual period or pregnancy increase oil production.

One-month topical application of linoleic acid resulted to almost 25% reduction of microcomedones in a clinical study entitled “Digital image analysis of the effect of topically applied linoleic acid on acne microcomedones” published by the journal “Clinical and Experimental Dermatology”.

The Root Cause of Acne

Victoria O’Driscoll, dermatologist in R&D at Andes Natural, unveils a few truths about acne in general and the Bioskintreatment natural acne treatment balm:

The linoleic deficiency leads to the production of abnormal sebum, of a type that is not as liquid as it needs to be to outflow swiftly from the sebaceous glands out to the epidermis. Instead it is hardened and it punctures or cuts and injures the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts as if the oil had become nails or razor blades.

She says: those early signals of an imbalance in the composition of fatty acids within the sebaceous glands leads to the production of small protein molecules known as cytokines which attract inflammatory cells, or an inflammatory reaction of our immune system. Unfortunately it seems the prospect of imminent injuries and the injuries themselves cause an immoderate inflammatory reaction that may lead to demeaning acne scars.

Pahtogenesis Of Acne

Expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the sebaceous gland cells and accumulation of individual lymphocytes (white blood cells) in the ducts are already detectable in a healthy looking face when their is a deficiency in linoleic fatty acids in the glands.

Acne Is Mainly An Inflammatory Reaction Of Your Immune System

Imagine what ensues when your living cells are injured. Maybe you can remember a time when a splinter or a rose thorn, perhaps a cactus prickle, or the quill of a porcupine injured a finger of yours. Ouch! You fond yourself with all the symptoms of inflammation: swelling, heat, pain, redness, and a certain degree of impairment in your normal functioning.

Acne Inflammation Caused Aggravated By Injuries To Cells Sebum Ducts

The harm inflicted to living cells triggers the inflammatory cascade that produces volumes of damaging free radicals and latter the thickening of the cellular walls.

The cells in the sebum ducts respond to puncturing or severing attacks by thickening their membranes. When the cells die, as they do periodically and are sloughed off, they mix with hardened sebum creating a sticky paste that clogs the pores.

Hypercornification Of The Follicle Wall

The process whereby the membranes of the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts thicken is called “hypercornification of the follicle wall” and sometimes refered as hyperkeratinization or “hyperproliferation of the follicular epithelium”. In this inner cone-structured area the cells have a cornified layer which means they have more dense cell membranes and their integrity is maintained by layers of keratinized cells compacted together. Keratin is the stuff your nails are made off, so imagine what happens when the cells inside the follicles become like “nails”.

This is dissimilar to the nature of cells found in regular follicles, which lose their integrity when sloughed off as single or smaller groups of cells. This hypercornification combined with sebum produces the rise of the obstructing ‘horny’ plug, which is shaped inside the follicle channel.

Acne Bacteria Makes Things Worse

Inside clogged pores microbials and Propionibacterium acnes bacteria start reproducing uncontrolled due to a lack of oxygen that would keep them in check. And the waste chemicals of their metabolism corrode the living cells of the walls of the sebum ducts, which furthers the never ending cycle of inflammation.

$ types of injurious attacks to living cells aggravate acne inflammation

Victoria adds: besides those factors other factors can aggravate acne, including fluctuating hormones (especially in premenstrual and pre-menopausal women), certain prescription drugs, and comedogenic airborne or materials applied to the skin surface.

Recognizing a need for a multi-prong approach to treating acne, Biocutis created a natural gentle healing balm, a light cream-gel, that is incredibly moisturizing, and allows for application of foundation with no concern.

Acne-prone skin should be treated differently than skin with other issues (dryness, aging, etc.)

Tackling All The Acne Treatment Factors

Knowing that inflammation is what characterized acne and starts before any pimples, papules, comedones or blackheads show on the surface AND has to have a cause shed light on five key areas that contribute to acne and need to be addressed.

The five are:

  1. injuries to the cells lining the walls of the sebum ducts,
  2. increased production of sticky or waxy oils that do not outlow swiftly through the sebum canals,
  3. a proliferation of the normal bacteria that live on skin and inside the sebum ducts,
  4. hardening of the cells that line the hair follicle which help plug the pore,
  5. and an immoderate inflammatory response.

Thus, the natural acne treatment lotion is formulated to provide five crucial anti-blemish benefits:

  1. healing of damaged cells and tissues,
  2. oil-reducing and liquefying of oils to prevent future breakouts,
  3. antibacterial action and antimicrobial peptides,
  4. dissolution of the sticky paste that clogs pores,
  5. and anti-irritant to calm inflamed skin.

With clinical evidence from a double blind study, with 96 adults and teens affected by acne, we launched Bioskintreatment balm, a highly effective yet gentle approach for treating acne right at home.

Clinical Evidence Of Acne Treatment With BioskinTreatment

In a 12 week acne reduction study, BioskinTreatment was used by half of the group and is clinically proven to treat blemishes with results as good as a leading topical acne prescription drug used as control by the other half of the volunteers; and without any side effects.

Since acne can really have a negative impact on someone’s self-esteem, and prescriptions have undesired side effects, to be able to make such a strong clinical claim regarding the results that Bioskintreatment delivers is very exciting.

Anyone suffering from blemishes now has the opportunity to clear acne with just one product containing 3 natural actives that have no side effects. And with results on par with what one could achieve with a prescription topical drug or in a dermatologist’s office.

Stop Procrastinating. Try BioskinTreatment risk-free and get your skin healthy again, quickly!

bioskinforte natural acne treatment

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Bioskintreatment can be used to complement prescription isotretinoin (Accutane ®) to heal acne lesions and relieve dryness caused by the drug.

The vitamin A isotretinoin drug impairs the production of sebum and makes the skin too fragile, excessively dry, and prone to blisters similar to those caused by radiotherapy for cancer with ionizing radiation.

Topical application of essential linoleic fatty acid

We don’t necessarily have a dietary or systemic deficiency in linoleic acid. Just in the sebaceous glands and thus a topical application is a savvy course of action to prevent and halt acne inflammation.

Apply a dab of safflower, virgin olive oil, grapeseed or inca inchi oil on your face with a cotton twice a day to cleanse oils and make up (oils easily remove oils, not water, nor detergents).


If this is your first time using any of Biocutis skincare products (Bioskintreatment, Bioskinexfol or any that includes BIOSKIN in the name of the product) you should know that we provide you a 100 % no-risk guarantee. Just use 1 of our products, twice a day, for one month and if you do not get substantial results, you can simply return the container and we will refund your money. Simple as that.

Our products do not include parabens, synthetic fragrances, destructive chemical preservatives, or pore-clogging waxes. Some are 100 % natural, others are 99,90 % natural. All the natural it can get!

P.S. Stop procrastinating. If you are searching for a solution that works and does not dry your skin or cause dreaded side effects here it is. Now you know that a natural acne treatment addresses the root causes of acne, not just the symptoms. And it is the fast quick best way to avoid acne scarring. And to get rid of pimples and the worse effects of acne breakouts in the least amount of time.

And with just one product. Not with a kit with toner, moisturizer and other balsams that are intended to alleviate the ravages the product for acne treatment creates. Avoid chemicals such as sulphur, retinoids, drugs, benzoyl peroxide or hydrogen peroxide that produce volumes of free radicals. Do not take antibiotics to calm inflammation. Those are better reserved for eventual epidemics.